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CMDA Institute


CMDA Institute


CMDA Institute was established with the objective to provide training and certification to ensure good conduct and professionalism of market intermediaries, to raise market awareness, and to promote corporate governance in the Maldives.

The activities of the institute include conducting training programs and continuous professional development and refresher courses for market participants. It actively promotes corporate governance and runs awareness programs for investors and issuers.



Institute of Corporate Directors and Secretaries


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Institute of Corporate Directors and Secretaries (ICDS) was established with the aim to promote professional practice of corporate directorship and of company secretaries in line with international principles, and to promote corporate governance in companies with a view to improve their efficiency and performance.

ICDS provides orientation, training and advisory services to its members. It also undertakes research in matters affecting corporate directorship and issues publications to educate and create awareness of important finding among the stakeholders.

The training programs of ICDS are designed to enhance knowledge, skills and values demanded by modern corporate governance practices among the corporate directors & secretaries in the Maldives.